Middle Manager of Justice

Middle Manager of Justice 1.3.4

Manage a team of b-list superheroes


  • Great sense of humor
  • Tons of things to do
  • Tons of powerups
  • Well balanced game


  • Boring battle system
  • Some graphics are pixelated

Very good

Middle Manager of Justice is an arcade game for iOS where you manage your own team of superheroes.

The game starts off where you take over a department for superheroes. The goal of Middle Manager of Justice is to hire more heroes, buy upgrades, and train them to become stronger. You will fight crime throughout the city while investigating crime bosses.

There are tons of things to do in Middle Manager of Justice. Superheroes can train to upgrade their health, power, and smarts. As a manager, you can delegate different tasks, improve employee morale, and learn new skills. But don't hang around at HQ for too long as crime will spread quickly, leaving citizens unhappy.

Since Middle Manager of Justice is a free to play game, there is an in game currency that you can replenish with real money. Early leaks of Middle Manager of Justice were pretty unbalanced and had players waiting around for to make more virtual currency. This final version has fixed those balance problems and players who don't want to pay can still progress in the game in a timely fashion.

The combat in Middle Manager of Justice is a bit of a mixed bag. While it's great that there are items that help you perform better in battle, the battle system isn't very rewarding. Each superhero has his or her own power that does more damage but there's no way to dodge or block attacks. You'll have to level up your character's health in order to withstand more damage.

Overall, Middle Manager of Justice offers a decent story and fun gameplay but its simple battle system may leave some players wanting more.

Middle Manager of Justice


Middle Manager of Justice 1.3.4

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